Sans Boundaries Solutions
World Class Communications Network and Coaching Skills:

Network Planning, Implementation, and Operations for 

* Wired Networks (WAN/LAN, Fibre)
* Wireless Networks (5G, IoT, Smart Cities, Smart Grid, WiMAX)

Executive Coaching for strategic and tactical advice valuable for

* Start-ups Trying to Survive and Grow
* Companies Maturing to Steady State
* Mature Companies Seeking a Quantum Leap in Performance

About Sans Boundaries Solutions:

Sans Boundaries was founded in 2001 by Dr. Kevin Hickey and recently celebrated its 17th anniversary.  Sans Boundaries has provided technical and business support to Telecommunications, Electrical Utility, Enterprise, and Health Care clients.  In August 2014, Sans Boundaries Solutions Incorporated was formed as the corporate vehicle for providing customer solutions going forward.

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About Dr. Kevin Hickey

Kevin Hickey is a seasoned professional with more than 37 years experience in Telecommunications.  Having spent more than half his career as an executive in companies of all sizes in Canada, Europe, and the United States, Kevin brings technical and operational skills, along with a wealth of business experience, to bear on the problems that all businesses face.  Kevin looks at the end-to-end system in which a company and its people work and works with them to improve their strategic and tactical performance.
Travels In Telecom:  Don't Be Afraid To Screw Up ... and Prosper 

In this book, Dr. Hickey has drawn on his extensive experience to define the key components of a successful business system and to illustrate what happens when companies and individuals do not apply those keys to success.  In this practical book, Dr. Hickey goes beyond theory to identify steps that you can take to improve your business's overall system and its resulting performance.

Travels in Telecom: Don't Be Afraid To Screw Up ... and Prosper is only available on-line and can be purchased on the Catalog page of this website.
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